on November 3rd

  • Integrity

    “I have brought integrity back to our Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, and restored the trust of the people of Culpeper.”

  • Values

    Truth, Justice, Accountability

  • Experience

    Served as an Assistant Attorney General for Virginia.

“Public confidence in our judicial system is based on trust.  Citizens have a right to expect that those entrusted with safeguarding justice do so with integrity and honesty.  I have brought a fresh perspective and the professional ethical standards that our Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office needed. I have restored trust and ensured that the people of Culpeper are served with integrity.”

“There may never have been a time when it has been more essential to bring a fresh perspective to our local justice system.  Revelations of misconduct in our Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office have undermined public confidence, contradicting the basic fairness and honesty that are characteristic of the people of Culpeper.”

“My passion for law and justice, and my commitment to community, were instilled in me by the countless friends, family, relatives, and community leaders of Culpeper who helped raise me.  Of course, I was also inspired by the strong example of my mother, Margie Scott.  As a deputy for the Culpeper Sheriff’s office, she directed Culpeper’s DARE program with passion and commitment, until her untimely passing in 2005.  Her legacy continues to inspire and drive me.

“My experiences, both professionally and in life, make me uniquely qualified and ideally situated to continue to providing the people of Culpeper with a Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office that is a model for the state and reflective of our values.”

You can contact Megan by sending an email to homegrownintegrity@gmail.com.



“I ask for your vote so that, together, we can continue to restore trust and integrity to the administration of justice in Culpeper County.” – Megan Revis Frederick